Counting the number of outgoing links on one side of a shape

I’ve got a nice working chart based on the demonstration, but of course as the number of outgoing links increases they eventually run out of space and the link labels begin to overlap.
I’d like to increase the minSize to ensure it has x*(links on that side), but I can’t see how I would know which points are locked to each direction. Is there an easy way to identify this?
Here’s how I set the size in code, but I’ll obviously have to take the max of LEFT/RIGHT and max TOP/BOTTOM link points:
new go.Binding("minSize", "", (v:go.Node, obj) => { let cnt = v.findLinksOutOf().count; return new go.Size(150, 40+(cnt*20)); }).ofObject(),

I really don’t think you want to do that in a data binding, because you cannot control when it will be evaluated.

Instead, I would implement changing the node size in the same code that is adding the link. Or if users are drawing new links using the LinkingTool, in a “LinkDrawn” DiagramEvent listener.