Create a new link doesnt hide tooltip

It’s probably not an issue with little tooltip, but in case where a tooltip is used to show complex info, it can be overflowed by a link dragging. The hideToolTip() method can be use to hide a tooltip, but there no LinkDrawing event. Is it a normal behavior and do you a goJS solution to resolve-it ?

Yes, the normal behavior is that the showing of a tooltip does not affect the behavior of any tools.

You could certainly decide to override Tool.doActivate on any tools that you like in order to be sure to hide the tooltip before operating any further.

Or even better you could override ToolManager.doMouseDown to call the base method and then see if the Diagram.currentTool is no longer the ToolManager – if so, you know that the tool manager started a new tool, and you can call ToolManager.hideToolTip just in case there is any tooltip still showing. It depends on what policies you want to implement.

Ok. That works perfectly when I override the method without subclass ToolManager but when I tried to subclass ToolManager, the diagram is like freezed. API say to just call initializeStandardTools method to create and start tools.

import go from 'gojs';

export default class ToolManager extends go.ToolManager {

 constructor() {

 doMouseDown () {'Mousedown !!!');

I don’t know. Maybe you should use a different name for the subclass???

Strange, subclass is correctly instancied, (and tools created with initializeStandardTools) but no reaction from the diagram. I have overrided the method.