Create a win forms orgchart

HiIs it possible to create an orgchart from an xml file as input? Im really strugling to follow the documentation on how to even setup a basic graph so some tips would be much appreciated.Thanks very much

Is the XML format already defined? The OrgCharter sample can read and write XML, but it uses the GoDiagram built-in support for XML, so it defines its own format.

the xml format is already made? if you mean has it been populated with data then yes it is.

The idea is we are trying to produce a gui that uses an org chart structure but displays other data.

The client side app produces a pre defined xml document which i then want to try and pump in to the charting software which can then produce the chart based on the hierarchy defined.

Could you point me to some code example of this please? is there a really basic example of something like this being put in to practice.


Can you send me a sample of your data? send to “godiagram” at nwoods.

i emailed you the data :/

did you get it?

I don’t see any email from you…

from my work email -

no, sorry. Try again… or just post it here if you can.

Ok well the sample data looks just like any othre type of xml file

a number
a number
a number
so this is a much cut down sample but illustrates the idea perfectly. we are looking for some software where we can simply create an orgchart from an xml file, and it will maintain the heirarchy in the diagram based on the nodes.
Is this possible with your software? if so could we have an example please as the demos you provide are very tightly coupled and its hard to pick it apart as its >1000 lines of code.
If its not possible then could you also let me no as we will have to try and find some other form of charting utility.

Sure, we can handle this… hang on a bit…

In the meantime, you can read the “Tree Structured XML” section of the User Guide.


Actually… What do you want the tree for this data to look like? My first thought was “CompoundNumber” was the root, and “Pure” were the children, but the XML isn’t really tree structured like that…

sorry for the delay in replying
the batch will be the root element as that will be the item the user has searched for on our client side app (there will be different data types too, but for now im just using this as an example)
the rest of is kind of un important for now, as long as the root node is the top of the tree and then the resulting orgchart shows the heirarchy and is expandable/contractable then i can fiddle around with it at work from there.

I’ve sent you a sample app for similar XML data.

[QUOTE=Jake] I’ve sent you a sample app for similar XML data.[/quote] Hi jake, thanks for taking the time to sort this out.

I will be back in the office on Monday so i will be able to have a fiddle around, if its anything like the example on the website then we will be very happy people!

i will respond again on Monday. Have a good weekend.

Hi Jake,

what do i need to research in order to make these nodes expandable and contractable?


Since we’re talking about a tree, I’m going to assume you want to hide/show parts of the tree? Either TreeApp or DataSetDemo are good places to start.