Create link when click a port, but keep open until click another node port

I want to create a network topology, like Packet Tracer (Cisco app), but i want to rise an event: when i click a port, this create a dinamically link, and then keep this link open until click a port of another node.
How can i do this? (This event)

Does the PolylineLinkingTool extension tool do what you want?
Polyline Linking Tool demonstrates it.

I’ll try it…
Thanks Walter!

Walter, the PolylineLinkingTool works fine, but i have another question…
I’m using Angular, with a directive, and a need update the selected node when i click the source and then the destination node.

Can you help me? I’ve been trying it for hours…

What do you mean by update the selected node? Do you mean when you start the linking tool that you want to select the from node and when you end the tool you want to select the to node?

Exactly jhardy, because with the angular directive, i need to open a list that display the available ports of a ‘router’ and a ‘switch’, and then create a connection (link).

You could modify PolylineLinkingTool.doActivate to select the this.originalFromNode (if this.isForwards is true, else this.originalToNode).

And you could modify PolylineLinkingTool.insertLink to select the new Link’s Link.toNode (or Link.fromNode if !this.isForwards.

Thanks walter, I will try to adapt the GoJS examples about PolylineLinkingTool functions to angular.