Creating a nested group in paralell layout

We have a licensed version of GOJS, we are planning to use parallel layout Parallel Layout
but we want a group inside another group, it is not clear from this example, how we can do that, Can someone please help.

Could you be more specific about what your problem is?

Hi @imranali did you find a solution in the end here? Think I’ve got a similar scenario to what you described.

@walter I’ll try and extend upon my issue here if thats ok.

I started off trying to leverage the LayeredDigraphLayout but struggled getting the links as straight as I’d expect which moved me on to the ParallelLayout and TreeLayout (attached). The ParallelLayout seemed perfect but on more complex examples we might have this requirement nested inside another.

So based on the attached:

  • ‘Yes 2’ is a merge node and should be centred between ‘Yes 0’ and ‘Yes 1’
  • ‘Yes 3’ fall directly below new ‘Yes 2’ positioning
  • ‘Complete step’ is a merge of ‘Yes 3’, ‘No 1’, ‘No 2’ and positioned accordingly.
  • ‘Workflow complete’ ideally I’d always want in the middle, I guess generally in line with the start node.

I had a play with creating my own layout based on TreeLayout, very similar to ParallelLayout and shifting specific nodes but got myself in a mess moving nodes and then subsequent nodes not following suit AND the potential for overlap when moving something.

The ParallelLayout depends on using Groups to implement nesting. You can either do that in your app, or you can extend the ParallelLayout to work with nesting but without grouping.