Creating Forms in Gojs

Is there any way to create Forms in Gojs?

One way of creating forms using But, I need is create form in GoJS like In which each node must contain ‘input text field’, selection option, checkbox, Date Selector, text area in GoJS not in Html.

There is no way to perfectly reproduce HTML inside of GoJS. Your best bet is to use HTML on the side or overlaid.

Have you seen the data inspector?

Also, here are checkboxes implemented as GoJS objects, if you want them:

Hi Simon,
Thanks for quick response. I have used Data Inspector for creating Forms but now I need to use Gojs to create forms.
Apart from Checkbox any way to use select option, Date Selector, Input text field in GoJS.

There is not. You can make editable TextBlocks in GoJS, but that’s the extent of it. Otherwise you need to put HTML over the Diagram.