Creating GoDrawing

When I use the following code to Create a GoDrawing object, it seems to fail to set the Pen properties before inserting a GoShape. Is it possibble to change the pen color,width between inserts?
Dim oGroup As New GoNode
oGroup.Location = GV1.Selection.Primary.Location oGroup.PickableBackground = True Dim oFigure As New GoDrawing() For Each obj In GV1.Selection If TypeOf obj Is GoShape Then Dim oNewShape As GoShape = obj oFigure.Pen = oNewShape.Pen oFigure.InsertShape(oFigure.PointsCount, oNewShape) ElseIf TypeOf obj Is GoText Then oGroup.Add(obj.Copy) End If Next oFigure.Selectable = False oGroup.Add(oFigure) GV1.Document.Add(oGroup)

There can only be one Pen per GoDrawing. If you want different pen attributes, you’ll have to just add each GoDrawing to the GoGroup.

Thanks - is it possible maybe in future release to add a collection of shapes with there own pen styles to a godrawing?

I don’t know how that would be different from a GoGroup. GoDrawing is used a lot, so we wouldn’t want to make the class have any more overhead.