Curious problem

I have a website that uses GoDiagram. For some pages, I create org charts, and for other pages, I have just implemented flow charts.
On my development machine, the flow charts appear as they should. This is true whether I am working from source code, or a compiled version of my site. But, when I copy the compiled code to our testing/development server, the flow charts do not work correctly…while the org charts continue to work just fine.

The flow charts appear to have all the nodes and links on them but, they are all “stacked” on top of each other in the top left corner of the diagram.
Here is the code I use to create the flowchart:

        If xmlDoc.HasChildNodes() Then
            GoView2.DataRenderer.LabeledNodeSingleClick = "NodeClicked('" & Target & "')"
            GoView2.DataRenderer.Cursors = True
            GoView2.Document.MaintainsPartID = True
            If UseColor Then
                GoView2.BackColor = Color.LightCyan
            End If
            Dim sz As New Size(0, 0)
            GoView2.ScrollMarginSize = sz

            Dim r As New GoXmlReader()
            Dim tbn As New XMLTransformFlowChartNode()
            tbn.UseColor = UseColor
            tbn.FeaturedNodeID = CLng(Session("SceneID"))
            r.AddTransformer(New XMLTransformFlowChartLinks())
            r.RootObject = GoView2.Document

            GoView2.FinishTransaction("load xml source")
        End If
        Dim layout As New GoLayoutLayeredDigraph()
        layout.Document = GoView2.Document
        layout.DirectionOption = GoLayoutDirection.Down
        layout.AggressiveOption = GoLayoutLayeredDigraphAggressive.More
        layout.LayerSpacing = 20
        layout.ColumnSpacing = 50
        layout.LayeringOption = GoLayoutLayeredDigraphLayering.OptimalLinkLength

        GoView2.ScrollMarginBackgroundColor = Color.White
        GoView2.ScrollMarginForegroundColor = Color.White
        GoView2.ShowsHorizontalScrollButtons = False
        GoView2.ShowsVerticalScrollButtons = False
        GoView2.Height = Unit.Pixel(GoView2.DocumentSize.Height)
        GoView2.Width = Unit.Pixel(GoView2.DocumentSize.Width)
        GoView2.FinishTransaction("tree autolayout")

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to debug this?
Again, Flow Charts AND Org Charts look great when I run locally, whether from source code or in a compiled version.
On our server, Org Charts still look great but, flow charts don’t work…using the compiled files copied from my local machine.

Thanks for any help you can give.

That’s odd – it’s as if the PerformLayout() never happened for your flowcharts.

If they are separate web apps with separate App_Licenses.dlls, perhaps the flowchart one is missing the line for GoLayoutLayeredDigraph in Licenses.licx, or perhaps you need to explicitly rebuild the App_Licenses.dll.
Although if this were the problem, I would have expected some exception, but perhaps you are muffling them.

Thanks for your quick response.

I rebuilt App_Licencses.dll, and placed the new version of the dll on the server. I still have the same problem.

I copied my source code onto the server to see if it would work in an un-compiled version. It does not. But, I have some error code in the un-compiled version that does display the following message when I try to view a page containing a flow chart:
“Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation”

I will continue debugging.

Thanks for any suggestions you can give.

Disregard my last post. No error is being reported. It just isn’t drawing the diagram correctly.

I have rebuilt the App_Licenses.dll but, that has had no effect. Do I need to do something with Licences.licx as well? It still has it’s original date of 7/11/2007 on it.

Thanks for your help.

So your Licenses.licx file is OK? I don’t know if or which layout you are using for your orgchart layout, so I don’t know if the Licenses.licx files should be the same or not.

Sorry, I should have supplied that information.

I am using the GoLayoutTree layout for the org chart.

The licenses.licx file must be the problem. Northwoods.GoWeb.Layout.GoLayoutLayeredDigraph is not listed in it.

I need to copy that line from the system file…correct?

I vaguely remember doing that. I will try it and let you know.

As always…thanks!

That was the problem. GoLayoutLayeredDigraph was not listed in the licenses.licx file.

It is working as it should now.

Thanks a million.
As always.