Curve GoLink going through control points?


I raised this requirement long long ago and Walter gave me a partial solution, but so far we haven't done anything with this. I'm just curious if in the latest release of GoDiagram there is an option for curve links going through the control points. As you know, in the version we are using, GoDiagram 2.5, the control points for curve links are not on the links.
In Graphics class of .net, there are methods for drawing such curves, i.e. DrawCurve. I guess the one used in GoDiagram is DrawBezier.

Yes, I provided the experimental example class:
No, this has not been implemented as an option. Presumably this would just be another GoStrokeStyle enumeration value.
Is there a reason Curve.cs isn't satisfactory for your purposes?

Hi walter,

I currently have the same requirement on my Java program which just like
dragonpool’s (curve links going through the control points).

So, I am wondering, could you also provide me a example in Java (I’m using JGo) ?

many thanks,

The Curves.cs code is dependent on the System.Drawing.Drawing2D.GraphicsPath AddCurve method. This method automatically calculates a "cardinal spline", where the curve travels directly through each point that defines the spline.
Unfortunately, there is no equivalent class/method available in the standard Java libraries. It might be possible to calculate an equivalent set of cubic curves between each of the points in the spline, but doing so would be complex and involve significant computation. We will consider adding this feature in a future release of JGo, but no promises.