CurvedLinkReshapingTool are useless in TreeLayout

Hi,I’m having one problems:
I use curvedlinkreshapingtool in the TreeLayout, but the edges between nodes cannot be dragged。

Bezier curves consist of four points: two end points and two control points. The CurvedLinkReshapingTool modifies the Link.curviness, which affects how the routing is done, especially with the two control points.

But normally when you use TreeLayout, it automatically specifies the Link.fromSpot and Link.toSpot to be Spots that are appropriate for the direction that the layout is going. That is important if you want the end points to always be on the sides of the nodes.

However specifying Spots for the end points also means there are end segments. These are typically short lengths so that the route is clearly coming out of or going into the port/node at a particular angle for the particular spot. When the link is a Bezier curve, that means specifying the control points too. This is important to get the angle of the curve correct at the end points.

But in your situation that means all four points are determined, so there is no freedom to change the curve.

I suppose if you really want the user to be able to change the curve, you could set TreeLayout.setsPortSpot and setsChildPortSpot to false. But the normal routing won’t look as good.

Thank you very much.