Curviness for non-orthogonal segments


I have a GoStroke instance with multiple segments which are not orthogonal. I am observing sharp very edges when they intersect with small angles. I figured out I cannot apply curviness to edges as they are not intersecting at right angles. Is there any thing that can be done to control the spikes when they do not intersect at right angles.


You could enable Bezier curves… but those require extra control points for the curve. Are you determining the route for the GoStroke in your code?

No. I am drawing a polyline and would like to have

smooth rounded edges on line joins(intersection of segments).

oh, I see now… you can create a Pen with a “Line Join”.

GoLink ll = new GoLink();

Pen linkpen = new Pen(Color.Red, 10);

linkpen.LineJoin = LineJoin.Round;

ll.Pen = linkpen;

this.goView1.NewLinkPrototype = ll;