Custom handleArchetype for resizingTool


I want to change the handle for the resizingTool to make it bigger. I found this documentation: ResizingTool | GoJS API

However, using the code from the documentation, the mouse cursor never changes when hovering over the handles as it does in the default handle:

And the default mouse cursor also depends on the location of the handle:


Is there an easy way to modify the handles while keeping the default mouse cursor behaviour?

Ah, we should improve that example. It’s missing a setting for the GraphObject.cursor, so that the ResizingTool when creating or updating the resize handles of the resize Adornment knows that it needs to update the cursor.

myDiagram.toolManager.resizingTool.handleArchetype =
    new go.Shape("Circle", {
        width: 10, height: 10, fill: "yellow", cursor: "pointer"