Custom Shape as a Selection object

I have created a “CustomRoundedRectangle” shape set it as a “selectionObjectName”.
When i select the object, the blue selection remains rectangle and not gets the figure shape:

What can be done ?

What is your Part.selectionAdornmentTemplate?

I forgot all about it.

I have implemented a RoundedRectangle for selectionAdornmentTemplate for Group, but when the group is expanded, when i select the group i still see the RoundedRectangle, it is not adjusted to the expanded group borders.

Did you define it using a Placeholder?

The problem is that I defined 2 panels in my Group template

  1. “Spot” panel with fixed size RoundedRectangle, holding group info (icon, name, status…)
  2. “Auto” panel with RoundedRectangle and go.PlaceHolder to hold the group members.
    I toggle their visibility by “isSubGraprhExpanded”.
    The selectionAdornmentTemplate also defines RoundedRectangle on the Group level.
    So, when the group is collapsed, the RoundedRectangle of the selectionAdornmentTemplate covers the “Spot” panel RoundedRectangle.
    But, when expanded, the selectionAdornmentTemplate RoundedRectangle remains see behind the
    “Auto” RoundedRectangle and go.PlaceHolder .

Is there a reason the selectionAdornmentTemplate cannot be just a single “Auto” Panel with a Shape around a Placeholder? I’m sorry, but I really do not understand your situation.

I found the bug,
I will use only ONE rectangle that surrounds all elements.