Customize Arrow


I want to know that how we can set customize arrow in a link.We have
arrow in the form of image and now we want to replace the default arrow
with this customize one.

Its urgent please provide solution.


Do you want to change the whole stroke or just the arrowhead?

We want to change whole stroke.

In Demo1, BlockArrow.cs shows how to use that GoPolygon shape as a link in the ArrowLink class. I’m skeptical that an “image” will make a very good looking link (scaling and rotating are both issues). But it might work if you control the diagram layout sufficiently.


I want to know that how we can use different different kind of link in one layout for example some node are connected by a simple wire and some node are connected by twisted wire and many other kind of link.

Its urgent please provide this kind of sample if possible.

It’s just a matter of setting the properties on the link that you want. How this happens is up to your user interface design.

Style - Line, RoundedLine, RoundedLineWithJumpOvers, Bezier
Orthogonal - on/off
AvoidNodes - on/off, when Orthogonal
Brush - including support for Gradients
Pen - Color, Width,
AdjustingStyle - affects behavior when nodes moved
Arrowheads (to/from, style, size, fill)
Labels (to/from/mid… can be any GoObject, not just GoText)

Plus… the port properties can affect how CalculateStroke computes the route.