Data Grid inside nodes

I have to display a data grid inside a node. One of the columns of that data grid should be a combo box column. Is there any sample for a something like that. My combo items doesn’t get updated properly. If someone can provide me with a sample code, much appreciated… URGENT as well

Have you seen the Entity Relationship sample (a.k.a. “ER Diagram”)? That uses a DataGrid in the Node DataTemplate, in GoSilverlightDemo. However, if you are targeting WPF, the sample was written to run in WPF 3.5 as well as WPF 4.0+, so it could not use DataGrid.

But if you simply copy that Node DataTemplate into GoWpfDemo from Silverlight, it just works in WPF 4! Here’s the XAML:

<DataTemplate x:Key="NodeTemplate"> <Border Background="Gray" BorderBrush="Gray" BorderThickness="2" CornerRadius="3" go:Part.SelectionAdorned="True" go:Part.Resizable="True" go:Node.FromSpot="AllSides" go:Node.ToSpot="AllSides" go:Node.Location="{Binding Path=Data.Location, Mode=TwoWay}"> <Grid> <Grid.RowDefinitions> <RowDefinition Height="Auto" /> <RowDefinition Height="*" /> </Grid.RowDefinitions> <Grid Grid.Row="0"> <Grid.ColumnDefinitions> <ColumnDefinition Width="*" /> <ColumnDefinition Width="Auto" /> </Grid.ColumnDefinitions> <TextBlock Grid.Column="0" HorizontalAlignment="Center" Text="{Binding Path=Data.Key}" FontWeight="Bold" /> <Button Grid.Column="1" Content="*" Click="Button_Click" /> </Grid> <DataGrid Grid.Row="1" AutoGenerateColumns="False" Background="White" HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" ItemsSource="{Binding Path=Data.Items}"> <DataGrid.Columns> <DataGridTemplateColumn> <DataGridTemplateColumn.CellTemplate> <DataTemplate> <go:NodePanel> <go:NodeShape go:NodePanel.Figure="{Binding Path=Figure}" Width="10" Height="10" Fill="{Binding Path=Color}" Stroke="Black" StrokeThickness="1" /> </go:NodePanel> </DataTemplate> </DataGridTemplateColumn.CellTemplate> </DataGridTemplateColumn> <DataGridTextColumn Header="Name" Binding="{Binding Path=Name}" /> </DataGrid.Columns> </DataGrid> </Grid> </Border> </DataTemplate>
There were no other changes – including no changes to the C# code.

Oh, I guess the Entity Relationship sample’s DataGrid does not use a ComboBox. I don’t remember if I have used a ComboBox in a DataGrid before, but that should not be an issue. Have you searched the web for advice on the particular problem you are encountering?