Datagrid in goview

I need show in my goview some data from a database it is possible to put a datagrid inside a godiagram object so i can move it over the document … a then print it with the document … ???

You might be able to wrap it up in a GoControl object, but I’ve never done… and I’m not real sure it would work. GoControl was meant for real simple things like text edit boxes.

it is possible print a gocontrol … ?? . the solution works for me … so i need to print the goview with the control, the print preview dont show the datagrid … just the container.

From the documentation on GoControl:

Another limitation is that your application will need to deal with focus
issues, scaling, and printing, and synchronization.
Printing, in particular, is not naturally supported by Windows Forms controls.
And at the current time, scaling Controls is not performed in a good manner.

There’s no support for Printing in GoControl.

i had read that … in documentation , is important to me to print the control or perform the data in other way …

You may want to look at an all-GoDiagram solution then. Look at InfoNode5 in NodeLinkDemo.