DataInspector.js embedded to work in Vue


How external libraries such as DataInspector.js should be embedded to work in Vue?

Currently my implementation is not working. The class I invoke is not defined, because it is defined in a script file in the head tag.

Copy the .js and .css files into your directory as if they were your own.
Depending on whether you are:

  • not using modules, copy extensions/DataInspector.js
  • using AMD modules and require, copy extensionTS/DataInspector.js or .ts
  • using ES6 modules, copy extensionJSM/DataInspector.js or .ts

Then adjust how the GoJS library is imported in all files, whether go.js or go-module.js, with the path depending on where you are keeping your external libraries.

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I would like to thank you for your prompt response and assistance with my issue. But now I have another problem.

This is the import in vue file

What do you think could be the problem?


Which module system are you using? In other words, how does that assets/js/DataInspector.js file load/require/import the GoJS library?

import ES6

Yes, and how did you import it? I’m wondering if it tried to load a file that wasn’t there.

I assume that you checked that ../assets/js/DataInspector.js was in fact there. But maybe the import of the GoJS library in the DataInspector.js file is wrong, causing the import process to fail.

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Thank you very much Walter, certainly the integration of the modules was not being done correctly. I was not using the module in ES6 from the DataInspection.js file (extensionsJSM)