Our some requirements are not fulfilling by datasetdemo like application.
can you please give a suggestion for this
1) we want to implement collapse/expand feature in goview.
2) we want to give the facility to user so that it can drag
one node(Node A) and drop it on another node(Node B).
In this case Node B should be parent of Node A.
If you have any solution or any project that is made up by using datasetdemo like application then give a URL for zip download folder. (i.e., have your node implement IGoCollapsible and add a GoCollapsibleHandle, much as shown in TreeApp) (i.e., have your node override the OnSelectionDropped method, to automatically create a link, connect it to the "this" node and the to the node in the selection, and add the link to the document)

Hi walter

Are there is any sample you can provide me for expand/collapse feature in dataset demo like application.
It is urgent for me.

Are you folks working together?

Thanks walter for this response.