Date axis next to swim lane diagram

I am prototyping a web application in which I would like to display a vertical swim lane activity diagram and a custom date axis next to the diagram. The nodes of the diagram should be positioned according to their date attribute. The user should be possible to “zoom in and out” changing the scale of the date axis. I am using d3 for the date axis and my effort so far can be found here:

As you can see, the axis is getting out of the scrollable “#myDiagram” div and it is not “well attached” to the diagram (the diagram can be dragged and the axis is not following).

My questions are:

  • is there an easier way to display a date axis in a diagram?
  • is it possible to add custom html in a go diagram? (geometry strings seems to be the only custom solution for developers)
  • is any related feature to be implemented in the near future?
Thanks in advance

No, GoJS doesn’t have built-in support for timelines. But you could look at some samples, such as and and