Debugging in angular

Gojs diagram is not rendering and I cannot see any error message in inspect window as well.

Can you please help me on how to debug in angular application.

I don’t know how to help you debug. If the diagram rendered before, what has changed?

I assume you mean the console window, to look for error messages. Oh, maybe you mean look in the inspector to view the DOM to find the DIV element that hosts the diagram? That’s a good idea.

Which versions of Angular and GoJS?

I have moved my code from monolithic application to micro front end. I have imported all the necessary modules.

Yes. Error messages aren’t logging into console window.

I’m using Angular 15 and gojs version 2.3.9

Is the Div that should host the diagram present in the DOM?

Is the code to initialize the Diagram with the nativeElement and set up its properties, including its templates, executing?