Defining new node types interactively

By the way, I’d like to ask, can I use a custom dot, line, surface to draw and encapsulate my own node?such as this:
“geo”:“M0 70 L1 70 L2 70 L3 70 L5 70 L7 70 L8 70 L11 70 L13 70 L18 69 L21 69 L25 68 L29 67 L34 67 L38 67 L42 67 L47 66 L50 66 L53 66 L55 66 L57 66 L60 66” ,this is not the way I want to save and encapsulate the nodes

Yes, you can define new node templates dynamically, and you can organize your app so that users can draw their own geometries and shapes as part of the new node’s definition. Think of that as being a separate app.