Delayed Routing Issues

Hi Walter,

Architecture of my application is such that we have single backend and the UI(GoXam control) can be multiple. In this way, one of the goXam control which is in focus will receive the user interaction and will pass the operation (through event from GoXam Model Changed event) to the backend model to get in sync.

The issue is when there are multiple Goxam controls side by side and in focus. In this case, all the Goxam controls which are in focus are invoking the event with reason of “Delayed Routing”.

I tried skipping the Delayed Routing edits but no success. Can you suggested something ? or any way that I can stop the delyed routing ?

I don’t understand what the problem is. Yes, some transactions may be delayed – WPF apps are inherently asynchronous.

The problem is when I have multiple goXam control on the UI and I am creating links between two nodes. In this case though I have multiple controls on UI, I expect I get only one control to trigger the model changed event to be coming to the backend but now the Delayed Routing is causing multiple events triggered to my backend.

What was the problem with ignoring those? Are you trying to save link routes?

Also, if you can identify the different controls, you could ignore all DelayedRouting events from other controls.