Delete link with doubleClick

i want to delete existing link with double click how to achieve it?
and when i select a particular link can i able to get from and to nodes that link is connected to…?

Sure, just add this GraphObject.doubleClick event handler to your Link template(s):

          doubleClick: function(e, obj) {
    . . .

Please read GoJS Events -- Northwoods Software and GraphObject | GoJS API. You can then look at the Link.fromNode and Link.toNode.

sure thank you…
tell me can i lock that link positon …i mean once i lock tat link the angle should not change…
even if i drag single node both nodes should move

What you are asking for has many possible interpretations, and I can’t give you all possible implementations.

I suggest that you think very carefully about all of the possible situations that could arise in your app. Then override DraggingTool.computeEffectiveSelection to automatically add all of the unselected Nodes and Links that you want to include in the drag. There are several examples of overriding that method (although for other purposes) in the samples – just search the samples for it.

thank you walter