Deleted Node and Link Name

I have two question as below.
1 ) I’d like to know how I get a node or link text value when it is deleted. I produced the code as below, but they didn’t get a deleted node name.

private void goView1_DocumentChanged(object sender, Northwoods.Go.GoChangedEventArgs e)
string StrDelNode = string.Empty;
if (e.Hint == GoNode.RemovedObject)
GoNode node = e.GoObject.SelectionObject as GoNode;
StrDelNode = node.Text;

  1. How do I get all node in document except for link?
    I produced the following code but it occurs an object
    reference error when this object are reading a link.
    foreach (GoBasicNode obj in this.document)
    nodename = obj.Text;


  1. Check the GoLayer.RemovedObject hint instead. GoNode.RemovedObject is actually the same as GoGroup.RemovedObject, which is a SubHint that refers to a GoLayer.ChangedObject Hint where a GoObject has been removed from a GoGroup.

1 & 2) You need to check that each object is of the desired type:
if (e.Hint == GoLayer.RemovedObject) {
GoNode node = e.GoObject as GoNode;
if (node != null) {
foreach (GoObject obj in this.Document) {
GoBasicNode node = obj as GoBasicNode;
if (node != null) { … }