Deleted Objects Remain Selected


I have added a “Delete” button to my webform which calls the
“goAction(‘delete’,‘MyView’)” javascript function. My currently
selected object is deleted, but the selection handles remain on the
form until I click on them.

Also, if my selected object is a node, the node itself is deleted, but the labels and ports I created for it remain.

Any suggestions?



OK, I fixed the labels and ports remaining issue. I discovered that I was selecting the GoImage and not the GoGeneralNode which I resolved by setting the GoImage.Selectable = False and the GoGeneralNode.Selectable = True.

However, the selection box still remains when I delete the node.

Any help greatly appreciated.


That’s odd–it doesn’t happen to me when I delete objects in the examples. The “Delete” button in the examples also call goAction, as you do.