Deleting a link recursively deletes all nodes below

I am wondering how I would select a link, delete that link and delete everything that comes underneath that link. So if I have A—>B-----C----->D and I deleted the link from B–C, then the nodes C and D and the link between them would get deleted.

Right now I am using the SelectionDeleting Event handler

Jake fixed, thanks.

See the TreeApp sample. Exactly what you want.

This only deletes links when nodes are deleted, or am I using the wrong one?

What I would like is for basically any node that does not have any incoming links after a link is deleted, to also be deleted. So a random floating node with no links attached to it will never be on screen.

OK, exactly what you want, except it starts with a node instead of a link. Shouldn’t be difficult extension.

Just follow the IGoNode toIGoNode = link.ToPort.Node;

if the selected item is a link and not a node.

Is there a way to remove everything? Like, if I remove a link, remove everything that stems from that link or removing the node, everything is removed, like how the Tree App works? Basically handling both cases?

ok… replace AddSubtrees in TreeDraggingTool with this:

// extend the collection by recursively adding all of the destination links and nodes
// of all of the collection's nodes and links
public static void AddSubtrees(IGoCollection sel) {
  Hashtable coll = new Hashtable();
  foreach (GoObject o in sel) {
    GoObject obj = o;
    IGoLink link = obj as IGoLink;
    if (link != null)
      obj = (GoObject)link.ToNode;
    AddReachable(coll, obj as IGoNode);
  foreach (GoObject obj in coll.Keys) {

Really nice, I managed to figure it out but your code is much cleaner. Thank you for the help.