Deleting along with Seats

Sir actually i implemented seating chart using gojs but when deleting table only it done correctly but when the seat contains person and if i delete table along the person it is deleting only table. Now please tell me how to delete table along with the person…

Well, the app was designed so as not to delete people.

But if you want to, you can copy some of the code that the SpecialDraggingTool.computeEffectiveCollection method uses to operate on all of the people Nodes that are assigned to a particular table.

Remember to collect all of the Nodes that you want to remove from the Diagram (or the node data, if removing from the Model) in a separate collection and then remove them all at once. You cannot remove each one during the loop where you are iterating over the Diagram.nodes.

Hi Walter,
Thanks for replying my post

I am Confusing sir if it possible could you please explain in detail

If you could ask a specific question about what you tried, what result you got, and how it was different from what you wanted, that would make it possible for us to give you a useful answer.

Hi Walter,
Thanks for your first reply now my problem is resolved