Demos ClassDiagramNode

I am trying out the use of the Demos ClassDiagramNode class. My test program creates three nodes (A, B, C) I programatically generate two links (GoLabeledLink) that connect A to B and A to C. It get’s rendered as two distinct lines (A to B is one line and A to C is the other) which is exactly what I want. However, when I apply an autolayout (I tried Tree and also Layered Digraph) the lines coming out of Node A are combined. Is there a property for layout to force seperate lines or is there a code snippet I could look at to force seperate lines. The primary reason I need this is that the links require from and to labels which get overwritten.


see Walter’s last response in

Although I believe that old post is still valid, I would first check whether you had set GoLayoutTree.SetsPortSpot and .SetsChildPortSpot to false.

Or if you had set GoLayoutLayeredDiagraph.SetsPortSpots to false.