Desired Size is not working in IE11

I have my go js JSON like below

{ "class": "go.GraphLinksModel", "nodeDataArray": [ {"category":"DocImage", "path":"imgSrc", "nodeName":"WI-THT-103190-REVK-A0514-page-001", "nodeId":"17", "key":-1, "loc":"15.125 23", "zOrder":1, "desiredSize":{"class":"go.Size", "width":958, "height":544}, "imageMaxSize":{"class":"go.Size", "width":"NaN", "height":"NaN"}, "imageStretch":{"class":"go.EnumValue", "classType":"GraphObject", "name":"Fill"}} ], "linkDataArray": []}

If i set this to gojs model, it is not showing the image. The same will work if i set Desired size as NaN.

Please help me on this

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