Diagram Artifacts in Remote Desktop

Any advice for getting rid of these little box shaped artifacts that show up when viewing a Go Diagram over remote desktop? When we demo our product to potential customers, we always do so over remote desktop and have to make disclaimers about the appearance.

We run our GoDiagram-based ACT! Workflow product (Sales Automation Manager) through GoToMeeting all the time and haven’t ever seen a problem. What remote desktop are you using?

I’m using the standard RDP client that comes with Windows with the default settings.

Here is an example.

This set shows before and after a dialog is closed creating these little discolored boxes over remove desktop. Notice the “ghost” box where the dialog used to be.

This set is the exact same program being run on my machine directly. No little “ghost” box this time (although since it stays true to the white background, it would be hard to tell).

If you’ve never seen this before, could it be that we’re doing something wrong?

When you run RDP, there is an Options>> button, and a Display tab after that. do you have Highest Quality color selected?

and what version of Windows on each end?

Tried with the highest settings and still get it.

On the client, I have

XP Pro SP 2

and the remote machine, I have

Windows Vista Business SP2 64 bit.

All we do is straight-forward GDI+ graphics, so I’m not sure there’s anything we have control over here. But it would be nice to understand it a little better. (We have had one other person report similar behavior, but in that case, I believe changing the color settings fixed things.)

If you try another PC for the client, do you see the same thing?