The drag and drop HTML Palette sample has a reference to diagram.computePixelRatio(). However, this method is not exposed in go.d.ts (just updated to 1.7.3 to verify).

Has this method been removed?

Edit: I also cannot find it in the documentation except on the Overview

Yes, that is an intentionally undocumented method. We should add it to the go.d.ts file as folllows:

        computePixelRatio(): number;  // undocumented

along with the other undocumented methods of Diagram.

Actually, I do not see it in the Overview documentation either. But I do see a silly click method defined, which jsDoc eagerly documented, even though it’s a completely internal anonymous function.

Thanks for reporting this oversight. We’ll update the go.d.ts file for the next release. Until then, you can just modify your copy.

Great, thanks for the clarification!