diagram.currentCursor not behaving as expected

When setting the current cursor in a tool override:

this.diagram.toolManager.panningTool.doActivate = function() {
    this.diagram.currentCursor = "move";

this.diagram.toolManager.panningTool.doDeactivate = function() {
    this.diagram.currentCursor = "";

I would expect the cursor to change as soon as the tool activates. However, the cursor only changes once the action is finished (after left click is released, even), but before the mouse moves again.

Am I don’t something incorrectly?


This seems to work OK for me, though sometimes (but not always) it seems to have incorrect behavior only in Chrome. FF and IE work consistently as I’d expect.

This might be a Chrome bug, but I’m not sure yet. We’ll let you know if we find anything.

Very strange. It seems to work fine in that Codepen in Chrome, but in my code it’s not. Perhaps there is an issue with something else.