Diagram erased on Chrome browser forward button click

I have built a diagram that works fantastic but I am noticing some odd behavior. When a user clicks the back button in the browser and then the forward button to go back, the diagram is completely erased. However, when the user hits the back button and then clicks the hyperlink to go back to the diagram, the diagram is still there. Do you have any idea why clicking the forward button would cause the diagram to disappear?

Update: This happens in Chrome but not Firefox or Edge.

Thank you for your help in advance.

That has to do with browser and page state management, and nothing really to do with GoJS or any other code that might be running on the page. It does depend on whether you implement your own navigation event handler and history management. But I don’t know about browser differences. I recommend that you read about these issues on the web – it’s not very simple to understand.

Thank you!