Diagram Grid causes screen jittering when dragging around

This does not happen with my code running gojs-angular 1 wrapper. It has started happening after the migration to gojs-angular 2.

If I have a process bigger than the diagram’s size, I zoom in and if drag around the diagram, it is not smooth at all and I get a lot of screen jittering.

If I drag around the diagram when not zooming (i.e my full process is visible in the diagram) then it seems fine.

This only occurs when the diagram grid is visible. If I turn it off, there is no issue…

In the code, I have the following :

 grid: $(go.Panel, 'Grid',
        $(go.Shape, 'LineH', { stroke: 'lightgray', strokeWidth: 0.5 }),
        $(go.Shape, 'LineH', { stroke: 'gray', strokeWidth: 0.5, interval: 10 }),
        $(go.Shape, 'LineV', { stroke: 'lightgray', strokeWidth: 0.5 }),
        $(go.Shape, 'LineV', { stroke: 'gray', strokeWidth: 0.5, interval: 10 })

and this is where I check if the grid should be visible. I was thinking that this may be the issue, but again this works just fine with the previous version of gojs-angular

  public ngDoCheck(): void {
    if (this.myDiagramComponent && this.myDiagramComponent.diagram instanceof go.Diagram) {
      this.myDiagramComponent.diagram.grid.visible = this.showGrid;

I’m not real familiar with Angular, but is your this.showGrid property an @Input?

no it’s not an Input. Just a public property in my designer component which is set to true or false when clicking on a button. Since the property is et in ngDoCheck, whenever the button is clicked and the property changes, digram.grid.visible gets updated.
I don’t think the problem comes from setting the value though. The jittering only occurs when moving around the diagram while dragging the grid.

It is odd, but this issue only occurs when my laptop is plugged to my external monitor with dual screen activated.
If I view the diagram on my laptop with no external monitor, the jittering does not occur.

I have a high-spec laptop but with a low-range graphics card. This is weird though because I can run games or run high-demanding programs like photoshop with dual screen activated. I can’t imagine a diagram with a bunch of nodes is that demanding :p

And again, without the grid turned on,it works fine. Maybe you want to check if something is wrong with the rendering.

I will mark this as resolved for now because I don’t need dual screen in production.