Diagram-Grid: Display X/Y-Axis only at the origin point

Hi, I want to highlight the origin of the diagram by drawing a thicker line in the grid at the lines (x, 0) and (0, y).

Using the diagram.grid I encountered the problem of generating only a single vertical/horizontal line.
Setting the interval extremly large (e.g. Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER) creates performance problems, so I used a largish value.

Basically I want this:

Which I realized like this:

            $go(go.Shape, "LineH", { strokeWidth: 5, interval: 100000 }),
            $go(go.Shape, "LineV", { strokeWidth: 5, interval: 100000 })

Is there a better way without using some large values for interval?

Yes, our implementation of “Grid” Panels assumes small intervals.

An alternative is to add a separate Part just to show those two lines. Take a look at: X and Y Axes
As always, the complete source code is in the page itself.

Thanks. I used the solution provided in the example.