Diagram is not visible on it if user zoom in

Hi Walter,

i have requirement like lets say i have one Diagram with lots of node and link and it is large enough that much of the diagram is not visible on it if user zoom in
In addition, we are wanting to have a datagrid in a different Angular component. But, the grid is not goJS, rather it is from KendoUI. A couple of the columns in the grid have data which has come from the Node Data of GoJS.

so, with that context, I have this question …
When the user Clicks a row in the KendoUI grid we are emitting that event to the Angular Component. How can we get the Diagram Canvas to “Move” so that the node related to the row in the Kendo UI grid is positioned towards the top left of the UI? Is there a native method to move the diagram canvas based on x,y OR do we need to construct this functionality from scratch?

You are talking about scrolling, not moving.

First you will need to find the Node in the Diagram given the information in the clicked grid row. If that information includes the node data’s key, you could call Diagram.findNodeForKey.

Second you will need to modify the Diagram.position. Try setting it to the Node.position of the Node that you just found.

Please read http://gojs.net/latest/intro/viewport.html and http://gojs.net/latest/intro/initialView.html