Diagram running during idle

I am having a significant performance problem with the GoXam Diagram. It is using “significant” amounts of CPU when it should be idle. I have not seen the behavior in the samples. I have stripped the Nodal XAML to next to nothing and have even not added data to it. The strange part is that if I have my browser in Maximum size mode, the background running “squirrel” is much less than (1-2% CPU) if I have a sized browser(10-15% CPU). Any ideas? I’m going crazy trying to find what could be causing this. If I remove the Goxam diagram from my app, the “squirrel” is dead. Have you ever seen or heard of this behavior? I have confirmed that it is not my background code. I have tried to use various analyzers with no helper other than its in a Draw method alot. I’m using version

Here’s my “trimmed” down version.




<go:Route Routing=“Orthogonal” FromSpot=“BottomCenter” ToSpot=“TopCenter” />




<go:Diagram x:Name=“NodalDiagram”/>

No, I’ve never heard of that before.

I just tried your templates, with some of my own data, and everything was quiet after the initialization of the page.

You are using Silverlight, right?

Yes, it is Silverlight. I understand that this is totally bizarre. The problem seems to be coming and going. We have seen that if we put a popup. I have resisted sending this because I don’t know that it is the diagrams “fault” yet. Thanks for the reply. I think this closes this out for now.