Diagram.selection empty on MouseDragOver

I’m trying to use mouseDragOver function on the diagram in order to change the cursor… However, the diagram.selection is empty (I need to know which parts are being dragged).
Should diagram.selection be empty? Using goJs 1.7.25.

I also tried to access these parts inside the same function using workspaceDiagram.toolManager.draggingTool.draggedParts, but I get an exception “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘j’ of null”

I need to check whether the dragged node may be added on the background in a specific scenario.

EDIT: Updating to 1.8.2, the problem persists
EDIT2: Ok, I found that the parts I was dragging from Palette to DIagram were actually in dragginTool.copiedParts. Perhaps this information should be added to the docs?

That’s correct. The parts being dragged from another diagram cannot be selected in the target diagram. One reason is that you might want to know what is currently selected in the target diagram and behave accordingly. Another reason is that if the user cancels the operation, the selection should not have been lost.

Of course once the drop happens successfully, the newly copied parts do become the target diagram’s selection.

But you’re right – we should improve the documentation. Thanks for the suggestion.