Diagram TimeOut

The Godiagram gets erased from my Canvas if I am not working on the tool for longer then 5 minutes. I can draw something and leave it sitting for 5 minutes and try to drag another object to the Canvas and the Palette and Canvas just start to refresh and then give me an empty Canvas and I have lost my work. Can we set a prompt that reminds you that you will lose your work because the tool has been idle for so many minutes?

The web.config file controls the timeout of the “sessionstate”. When a session starts (or restarts after a timeout) you will get a GoView.OnSessionStarted event.

Hi Jake,
Can you please give me an example of changing GoView.OnSessionStarted ?

Thank you

The SessionStarted event is delivered from OnLoad if the session’s saved state can’t be found.

Fishbone, SubGraphApp, DataSetDemo, SharedStates, etc handle SessionStarted, although they just treat it as a new session. (You need to learn about ASP.NET session state if you don’t understand it.)