Diagram to image generating taking tomuch of time

I am using this link http://gojs.net/latest/intro/printing.html , if i am using the diagram length and width in 50005000 its taking less time but if i am using 10000 10000 its taking to much time for image generation even my browser also hanging,If you don’t Mind could you please tell me, there have any solution ,how to avoid the image generating time delay,Thanks in Advanced.

A 10000x10000 raster image requires about 400 Million Bytes of memory. That is in addition to all of the memory used by the browser, plus DOM and JavaScript of your app. Each browser and operating system is different of course, but I do not think your app will run successfully on most Android or iOS devices.

That is why there is a default 2000x2000 maximum size used by Diagram.makeImageData.

Thanks Walter,Even though its not working in desktop also.I am trying in server side…

Call Diagram.makeSvg instead, if you can.