Different datatemplate for diagram and his overvie


Is it possible to have different template applied for displaying nodes in the diagram and in the overview. (as for palette and diagram)

Because template are complex and read some values defined in the diagram container, which is not available in the overview window.

I tried to set NodeTemplateDictionary for Overview :

 <go:Overview x:Name="myOverview"
                         NodeTemplateDictionary="{StaticResource NodeOverviewTemplateDictionary}">

I don’t know who apply the datatemplate, Is it the partManager ?
in this case, i don’t understand why it doesn’t work in my application.

The Part objects are not shared between overview and diagram if I set

            oZoomWdw.myOverview.PartManager = new PartManager(); 

but it’s maybe my first assumption that is false.


Check the Overview.UsesObservedTemplatesProperty DependencyProperty. This defaults to true, and sets Node, Group and Link Template and TemplateDictionary to the “observed” diagram is set.