Different min size for diff nodes

I have a number of iconic nodes in my view each of which are resizable. Each of these nodes have different minimum size below which the user should not be allowed to resize them.
I would like to clamp the size of the iconic nodes to their minimum size if the user tries to reduce the size beneath the minimum permissible .
This minimum size is different for different iconic nodes, hence I cannot use GoToolResizing.MinimumSize property since that applies to all the iconic nodes in the view.
I tried overriding ComputeResize and DoResize , however it seems that neither of these are getting called during the resize operation. The GoIconicNode.Resizable and GoIconicNode.GoObject.Resizable property are true.
Can you please tell me why the ComputeResize/DoResize methods are not getting called or if there is some other property for such operations?


If you look at a selected GoIconicNode carefully, you’ll note that it isn’t the whole node that is selected, but just the Icon, without including the Label. So it is the Icon that gets the selection handles, and it is the Icon that the user is resizing.
Hence it is the resizing methods on the Icon that are called and that you want to override, not on the GoIconicNode.
The reason the Icon gets the selection handles is because the value of GoIconicNode.SelectionObject is the Icon.
The default GoIconicNode.Icon is just a GoImage. If instead you used a GoNodeIcon, you could just specify its MinimumIconSize. The recommended way of doing that is to override GoIconicNode.CreateIcon (see its documentation for what it normally does).
The not-so-recommended way of doing this is to just create the GoNodeIcon and set GoIconicNode.Icon. But you need to put that code somewhere, and it’s better to put it in the definition of your class inheriting from GoIconicNode than in some Form, or (not so bad) in some GoDocument.
Changing the default behavior of GoIconicNode to use a GoNodeIcon instead of a GoImage is on our list of things to do someday, although it has been fairly low priority.