Different shapes for pointers?

Can we apply different shapes to pointers? I want to apply different pointer shapes dynamically but when i try to change the shape of one pointer then it changes the shape of all pointers in that diagram. Can i give different pointer shapes in one diagram?

You’ve always been able to use any element at all as an arrowhead of a link.
Most of the 1.1 samples make use of a Polygon as an arrowhead shape.

I don’t know how and what you are modifying to get that shared behavior. If you are using Silverlight it isn’t clear to me how you could do it. You’re not modifying the template somehow, are you?

Have you looked at the LinkDemo sample?

I need 12 different types of pointers like below in a single go:diagram:

How can i achieve this?

First off, it appears that the arrowhead shape you are using is too big for the space preserved by the routing. One solution is to make the shape smaller.

But a more general solution is to increase the Route.ToEndSegmentLength or the FromEndSegmentLength, if you want to specify the length of the last or the first segment of each link route. (Or you can set it on the port element, by setting the go:Node.ToEndSegmentLength and go:Node.FromEndSegmentLength attached properties.)

The default value for the “end segment length” is 10. Given the size of your arrowheads, I think you’ll need 25 or maybe 30.

Secondly, if you use version 1.2, you can make use of predefined arrowheads. For example, in Silverlight you could define your Link DataTemplate as follows:

<DataTemplate x:Key="LinkTemplate"> <go:LinkPanel> <Path go:LinkPanel.IsLinkShape="True" Stroke="Black" StrokeThickness="1" /> <Path Stroke="DarkBlue" StrokeThickness="1" Fill="White" go:LinkPanel.ToArrow="SidewaysV" go:LinkPanel.ToArrowScale="2.0" /> <Path Stroke="DarkBlue" StrokeThickness="1" Fill="White" go:LinkPanel.FromArrow="TripleOpenTriangle" go:LinkPanel.FromArrowScale="2.0" /> </go:LinkPanel> </DataTemplate>