Difficulty choosing the right model

Imagine a network of streams where each stream can be connected together (see image below). My data is construct like a linked list where each stream knows its predecessor and successor.

Basically, I only have links (my streams) connected to each other. I don’t really need node. Is there any way to do what I’m trying to do with GoXam?

If no, I thought of another option. The node can be represented by connectors containing a Next/PrevIds properties pointing on streams they are connected to and the link are represented by stream containing only an Id. The problem with this approach is that it’s the opposite way that works GoXam. The information From and To is located in the Node instead of the Link.

Can somebody help me?

You’ll want to use a GraphLinksModel because you want to store information on each link data.

The nodes are trivial things, represented by those small circles or arrowhead in your image.

If your streams are really the links, then you need to determine all of the junctions(?) as the nodes. You can determine that by collecting the set of unique sets of NextIds. Imagine those as being the nodes at the “from” end of all links. In your case the list is [(17), (21,27), (103)]. Then add terminating nodes as the source and sink.