Disable default zoom functionality


How can I disable default zoom functionality, which is triggered while pressing ‘Ctrl’ + mouse scrolling on diagram?

<go:Diagram.DefaultTool> <go:ToolManager WheelBehavior="None" /> </go:Diagram.DefaultTool>
This disables mouse wheel zooming, and in conjunction with customizing the Diagram’s ControlTemplate, can also disable mouse wheel scrolling.


Now I thing default zoom functionality on diagram has been disabled, but still it works on browser.

Is there any way to keep focus on diagram, so that browser’s default zoom functionality is never triggered?

I had forgotten that you were using Silverlight.

That’s a browser-dependent problem. I believe that you would want to set event.bubbles = false in the JavaScript event handler for mouse wheel events, but I don’t know about how to do that with events that are handled by Silverlight. Perhaps if you search the web you can find the answer to that question.

Thanks for your hint.