Disable delete for single shape

I need control delete for particular shape not for diagram area. please find my code.

gradBorderIndicatorTopLeft =
$$(go.Node, “Spot”, new go.Binding(“zOrder”), { zOrder: 0 }, { copyable: false },
$$(go.Shape, “Rectangle”,
width: systemWidth,
height: systemHeight,
margin: 0,
background: “white”,
fill: null
new go.Binding(“width”, “width”)
,new go.Binding(“height”, “height”)


Could you please be more descriptive for what you want to accomplish? Did you want to allow users to delete this Node only by control-DELETE, rather than by the normal unmodified DELETE key?

if the user press delete key or control -delete key . The Rectangle shape should not be delete.

Just set deletable: false on your Node.


it is working. Thanks for your response

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