Disable magnetic link

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any ways to disable that magnetic link , i want to make the link created when I move cursor pointer to the corresponding port only

That is controlled by the https://gojs.net/latest/api/symbols/LinkingBaseTool.html#portGravity property on the LinkingTool and RelinkingTool.

I suggest you decrease that number.

is there any way change port gravity for a unique port alone and default portGravity for remaining ports

That is more difficult. It would require reimplementing https://gojs.net/latest/api/symbols/LinkingBaseTool.html#findTargetPort to take that special case into account.

is there any way to move the port dynamically

Could you please illustrate what you mean?




it automatically bounds to corresponding sides, in third snap every port has same portid

I would think that you should be setting the Shape.portId to the empty string, so that the end points are better aligned along the edge of the shape.

So what is the problem? If there is just one port for each node, how do you want to move that port element within the node?

no its not empty string, its “0”, although i tried with empty sting in gojs but link is alone aligning not the port

Sorry, I still do not understand the situation. Do you have a specific question?