Disable moving for several nodes

I have two types of Nodes in my diagram - type A and B, and for each of them exist separate DataTemplate.
I want nodes of type A to be movable and of type B to be fixed.
When I set <go:Diagram AllowMove=“False”…>, it seems that setting go:Part.Movable=“True” for nodes of type A has no effect - those nodes are fiexed (instead being movable)

In another worlds, I see that only value of AllowMove property (In Diagram class) is conclusive. ( go:Part.Movable=“True\False” has no effect)

The default value for go:Part.Movable is true. It should certainly have an effect on the DraggingTool if you set or bind go:Part.Movable to false.

The Flowgrammer and Planogram samples demonstrate this.