Disabling placeholder resize

Hi All,

Is there a way to disable or prevent the resizing of a placeholder panel, specifically when dragging child nodes? I am currently implementing a dragComputation function to restrict node dragging to stay within the group bounds. However when I drag the top or bottom nodes into the diagram, the entire panel shrinks by the size of the node and then the drag restrictions get applied to the new smaller size.

If the resizing can be disabled temporarily, then I could eliminate the dragComputation as well.


Have you seen the Swim Lanes sample? I think it does what you’re looking for. Most notably, it sets Group.computesBoundsAfterDrag to true so that the Group.placeholder doesn’t recompute bounds too soon. It also has a dragComputation function to keep dragged objects within their group, as you’ve been implementing.

Seems I had missed that flag. Once I added it in, it worked perfectly. Thank you so much!