Displaying the details of shapes ( length , radius )

Hi i am new to this !! i need to create a diagrams according to user select . currently i am having trouble in rendering the diagram with new changes
hear the vm.Shape is wht user select (circle, Rectangle ) according to that diagram should draw !!
$(go.Shape, vm.Shape,
new go.Binding(“fill”, “color”)),

And the same time i need to display the details of the shape if rectangle (width and height ) circle (radius)
currently i am using DimensioningLink.js. for display . plz give and clue to get this thing done !!

I believe your node template should have a Binding for Shape.figure. The source of the binding should be the name of a property on the node data. When you create that node data object, you should set that property to be the value that the user selected. Then when you add that node data object to the model, the Node is created for that data, and the binding will make sure the Shape.figure gets the figure value from the data.

For examples of creating nodes dynamically, see the State Chart sample or the Org Chart Editor sample or any other sample that calls Model.addNodeData.